All parts and accessories needed for Element

Every cup as good as the first!

With the T-fal Element stainless steel filter coffee maker, enjoy delicious coffee from an elegant, premium machine. Crafted from high-quality brushed stainless steel, it's equipped with a programmable timer to start the brewing cycle up to 24 hours in advance, for freshly brewed coffee right when you want it. Offering customized brewing for up to 12 cups and a range of convenient features, it's the perfect package!

Reference : CM482D50

5 accessories for Element


    1,20 CAD
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  • Permanent filter SS-208620
    Permanent filter SS-208620

    No more need for disposable filters

    12,20 CAD
  • Jug lid SS-208627
    Jug lid SS-208627

    With anti-drip system.

    3,10 CAD
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  • Pad SS-208634
    Pad SS-208634

    Silent and vibration-free use of your appliances!

    1,20 CAD
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  • Jug and lid SS-208670
    Jug and lid SS-208670

    Up to ten cups of freshly poured coffee

    21,80 CAD
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