All parts and accessories needed for Actibread

Homemade and delicious!

Its 15 programs include gluten-free savoury bread, gluten-free sweet bread, gluten-free cake, rapid wholemeal bread, wholemeal bread, salt free bread, super rapid bread, rapid sweet bread, French bread, sweet bread, cooking only, dough, cake, jam, pasta.

Reference : PF311E51

5 accessories for Actibread

  • Measuring cup SS-986368
    Measuring cup SS-986368

    A measuring cup for pouring the right amount of water or flour.

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  • Measuring spoon SS-189353
    Measuring spoon SS-189353

    For the correct amount of salt, oil, etc.

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  • Bowl SS-986062 (sold without brewing blade)
    Bowl SS-986062 (sold without brewing blade)

    Homemade gluten free bread, delicious and healthy.

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  • Kneading blade SS-188284
    Kneading blade SS-188284

    Indispensable for kneading the dough.

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  • Hook SS-188287
    Hook SS-188287

    Easily remove any stuck blades using this hook.

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