Hook SS-188287

Hook SS-188287
Easily remove any stuck blades using this hook.
The kneading paddles may get stuck in the loaf when it is turned out! Then insert the hook accessory in the axis of the paddle to pull it out carefully.

Designed for breadmaker:
- Actibread PF311
- Bread & Baguettines OW350
- I Bread OW550
- New Baguette OW610, PF610
- Nutribread OW311, PF311
- Of The World OW611, PF611
- Pain & Delices OW240, PF240
- Pain & Tresors OW250
- Pain & Tresors Maison PF250
- Pain Dore OW210, PF210
- Plaisir OW220, PF220
- Uno OW310, PF310

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Reference : SS-188287

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Designed for 1 product(s)

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Actibread PF311E51 Electrical Cooking