Juice collection tray TS-01035610

Juice collection tray TS-01035610
Maximum cooking juice collection thanks to an extra large tub
Juice collection tray

Lower tray for collecting the juices and fats, etc.
Dishwasher friendly.

Designed for Meat Grill:
- Classic GC305, GC308
- Classic Type 6695 Serie 1 GC305
- Comfort GC306
- Comfort Type 6696I Serie 1 GC307, GC305, GC306
- Supergrill GC450
- Supergrill Timer GC451, GR451
- Ultracompact 600 GC305

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Reference : TS-01035610

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Designed for 2 product(s)

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Supergrill Timer GC451B52 Electrical Cooking
Supergrill GC450B52 Electrical Cooking