All parts and accessories needed for Actifry Family 1.5KG

Maximum capacity of 1.5 kg of fresh French fries with just one spoonful of oil
The Actifry Family deep fryer is the new deep fryer of the Tefal brand. Being a revolutionary deep fryer, the Actifry Family deep fryer allows you to prepare 1.5 kg of fresh French fries with only 1 spoonful of oil in its non-sticky basket thanks to itsstirring paddle.
Keep an eye on the cooking process thanks to the transparent Actifry lid.

Reference : AW950050

11 accessories for Actifry Family 1.5KG

  • Mixing paddle ActiFry® XA950101
    Mixing paddle ActiFry® XA950101

    Removable, it can be detached for easy cleaning.

    29,50 CAD
    In stock
  • Actifry Snacking grid XA701250
    Actifry Snacking grid XA701250

    Improve your Actifry

    53,00 CAD
    In stock
  • Body Pot + seal + tube SS-993596
    Body Pot + seal + tube SS-993596

    Easy maintenance

    32,10 CAD
    In stock
  • Web key SS-992658
    Web key SS-992658


    21,20 CAD
    In stock
  • Filter SS-992271
    Filter SS-992271

    A practical grille for separating small foods.

    9,80 CAD
    In stock
  • Foot x 2 SS-992260
    Foot x 2 SS-992260

    Silent and vibration-free use of your appliances!

    8,40 CAD
    In stock
  • Handle SS-992252
    Handle SS-992252

    Handle your fryer basket safely

    17,50 CAD
  • Cover SS-992242
    Cover SS-992242

    Check on your cooking without opening the lid

    47,90 CAD
    In stock
  • Measuring spoon green SS-992241
    Measuring spoon green SS-992241

    A measuring spoon for adding the correct amount of oil for your recipe.

    9,80 CAD
    In stock
  • Handle black SS-992652
    Handle black SS-992652

    This reference is replaced by 1500992252 - SS-992252

  • Anti-spill ring SS-992251
    Anti-spill ring SS-992251

    This reference is replaced by 1530000904 - SS-1530000904