Crumb tray SS-986690

Crumb tray SS-986690
Easy to clean
  • Easy cleaning of your appliance: remove the crumb tray where all the crumbs have accumulated, throw them away and refit the tray... it's as easy as that!
  • Designed for toaster(s) (see list of compatible appliances below)

This item is compatible with 4 product(s)

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Reference : SS-986690

2,10 CAD
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Designed for 4 product(s)

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Products References Categories
Maison Toasters 4 Slice TT7708CA Electrical Cooking
Maison Toasters 2 Slice TT771850 Electrical Cooking
MAISON 2S black shiny TT771H50 Electrical Cooking
Maison 4 Slice Toaster TT770HCA Electrical Cooking