All parts and accessories needed for ODOR LESS GRILL

Removes up to 69% of grilling odors

Cook food to perfection without the smell of grilling odors in your home with the T-fal Odor Less electric indoor grill. This indoor grill offers versatility and convenience for all types of grilled foods. 

Reference : GC252D50

3 accessories for ODOR LESS GRILL

  • Upper cover SS-9100042407
    Upper cover SS-9100042407

    Protects odour filters

    7,80 CAD
    In stock
  • Lot of two filters SS-9100042408
    Lot of two filters SS-9100042408

    Traps odours

    24,60 CAD
    In stock
  • Cooking liquid tray SS-9100042414
    Cooking liquid tray SS-9100042414

    To be emptied and cleaned after every use

    5,70 CAD
    In stock