All parts and accessories needed for FRY ACTIFRY FAMILY GOURMAND GRE

Just one spoon of oil for crispy and tasty fries... and much more!

ActiFry Family, keeps the whole family happy!

Designed for families, Actifry now offers even more capacity Based on the ActiFry technology it requires only one spoon of your favourite oil to cook 1.5kg of crispy and delicious homemade French fries with less than 3% fat*. So little oil for tasty, healthy meals! It can also cook other types of ingredients like meat or fish… It is even great with desserts!

With the ActiFry Family, you are the cook of the house and treat your loved ones to tasty and healthy meals!
- Modern design with a large transparent lid that easily lifts up at the touch of a button.
- ActiFry technology for even cooking.
- Automatic stop & smart timer for convenience. Less time in the kitchen, more time for yourself!
- Non-stick ceramic coating and dishwasher compatible (lid, pan and paddle).
- Choose ActiFry and join a community of more than 8 million ActiFry fans worldwide.
*1.5kg of fresh French fries, cut 10x10mm, cooked until 55% loss weight, with 1.4 cl of oil.

Reference : AW950B50


  • Actifry mixing paddle XA950101
    Actifry mixing paddle XA950101

    For even oil distribution

    34,50 CAD
    In stock
  • Actifry Snacking grid XA701250
    Actifry Snacking grid XA701250

    Improve your Actifry

    51,80 CAD
    In stock
  • Measuring spoon SS-993213
    Measuring spoon SS-993213

    A spoon for adding the right amount of oil during the preparation of your chips.

    10,20 CAD
    In stock
  • Anti-overflow ring SS-1530000904
    Anti-overflow ring SS-1530000904

    For well-stirred fries.

    14,40 CAD
    In stock
  • Filter SS-992271
    Filter SS-992271

    A practical grille for separating small foods.

    11,30 CAD
    In stock
  • Foot x 2 SS-992260
    Foot x 2 SS-992260

    Silent and vibration-free use of your appliances!

    10,20 CAD
    In stock
  • Fryer basket handle SS-1530001387
    Fryer basket handle SS-1530001387

    Item no longer available to order

  • Cover SS-992242
    Cover SS-992242

    Item no longer available to order