All parts and accessories needed for VITACOMPACT

Reference : FP410111

9 accessories for VITACOMPACT

  • Flexible spatula SS-1530001028
    Flexible spatula SS-1530001028

    Your cake batter scraped to the last drop!

    10,20 CAD
    In stock
  • Coarse grating slicing disc MS-0A21446
    Coarse grating slicing disc MS-0A21446


    20,10 CAD
    In stock
  • Chopper bowl lid MS-5A07890
    Chopper bowl lid MS-5A07890

    Safe mincing!

    19,60 CAD
    In stock
  • Crumb tray MS-0697927
    Crumb tray MS-0697927

    All the bowl accessories are within your reach making it easy to use the appliance.

    10,20 CAD
    In stock
  • Transmission shaft MS-0697926
    Transmission shaft MS-0697926

    Easy assembly of accessories

    13,50 CAD
    In stock
  • Disc to emulsify MS-0697925
    Disc to emulsify MS-0697925

    Make excellent chocolate mousses with this emulsifying disc.

    9,00 CAD
    In stock
  • Bowl chopper MS-5A02451
    Bowl chopper MS-5A02451

    White bowl with a volume of 3 litres.

    24,60 CAD
    In stock
  • White chopper blade MS-8030000708
    White chopper blade MS-8030000708

    Preparing a meal is child's play

    14,40 CAD
    In stock
  • Pusher bowl chopper MS-4A02202
    Pusher bowl chopper MS-4A02202

    Item no longer available to order